On The Shelves

Pre-mixed flour: plain, self-raising, pancake, muffin, pasta, pastry, bread, cake, batter, biscuit.

Flours: white and brown rice, amaranth, millet, quinoa, red and white sorghum, buckwheat, besan, potato, coconut, corn, soy, linseed, chestnut. Urid (from lentils.)

Pasta: assorted pasta (40 types available) lasagne, penne, spirals, spaghetti, twists, mini’s for soups, animal shapes, macaroni, noodles, vermicelli, shells and tubes.

Confectionary: pebbles, bananas, party mix, strawberry and creams, milk bottles, jaffas, marshmallows, sugar free lollies for the diabetics, organic and natural coloured chocolate drops and jelly beans for vegans and allergy prone people, chewing gum and much more.

Cooking Aids: baking powder, mousse, stuffing mix, custard powder, backing aid (gluten substitute), agave, xylotil, stock cubes, stock powder, liquid stock, gravy powders, soup powders, carob, cocoa, icing sugar, syrups, protein powders (brown rice, chick pea – others on special order), bread crumbs, rice crumbs, corn crumbs.
Grains and cereals: assorted muesli, cornflakes, rice bubbles, puffedquinoa, puffed amaranth, grains-sorghum (cous cous/popping) corn cous cous, Andean mix (cous cous/soup) amaranth and quinoa (breakfast/cous cous/soup), chia, rice flakes, brown rice flakes, amaranth flakes, quinoa flakes.

Sauces and Marinades: 10 brands available e.g. tomato, worstershire, BBQ, salsa, Asian and gourmet Australian sauces. Most are Australian made.

Jams and Spreads: assorted flavours all Australian made. Jellies, chutneys, jams. Everyday to gourmet flavours.

Biscuits and Crackers: assorted varieties. 8 brands available.

Drinks and Juices: non-alcoholic wines, non-alcoholic beer (wheat free only), non-alcoholic liquors. Health juices (see health section).

Meals: packet soups, packet meals – just microwave or heat)

In The Freezers

Bread: select from 6 brands: plain, seeded, fruit and assorted other flavours. Rolls, loaves, pizza bases, baguettes, hot dog, hamburger, wraps.

Cakes: assorted brands and flavours. Rolls, cup cakes, bar cakes, mini slabs (4 to 6 serves). Donuts, slices, éclairs, lamingtons, tarts.

Meals: a small range available. Assorted varieties.

Pies: assorted flavours e.g. beef, chicken, vegetable, curry, sausage rolls, vegetable rolls, pizzas, quiche.

Frozen Food: chicken nuggets, crumbed fish and chicken tenders, dairy free ice cream, pancakes, waffles, French toast, mousse, vegetable patties, salmon and vegetable patties.

Wheat Free Items: special orders taken for people wanting wheat free breads, biscuits, cereal. Deposit required.

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