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Celiac Supplies


Celiac Supplies is Brisbane’s only gluten free and wheat free store, with over 2000 gluten free items under one roof. The store offers a range of services which include dietary assistance for gluten reactive people, people with other auto immune illnesses, e.g. Coeliac and IBS.

Our shop has the most advanced supplements: Mega H, crystal energy, kakadu juice to name a few.  Tuition for best usage of these supplements are conducted in-store.

Looking for a job?  Celiac Supplies is looking for staff to run its new store: The Gluten Free Take Away. Store manager required. Knowing the gluten free diet an advantage, must have current health and Hygine certificates, min. 2 years experience.  Apply in person. No phone or email applications.

Job 2. Casual to assist in both stores. Hours will be a little erratic at the start.  Must have heath and hygine certificate.  Looking for TAFE graduate.
apply in person.  No phone or email applications.

Both applicants will be trained in the foods and equipment to be used.

Shop Hours:  See contact us.   
Extended Hours for Easter: See contact page.
Altered Hours: Monday 16th March: opening at 10.00am
                        Monday 30th March: closing at 2.00pm

Store Promotions: For every $10 spent in store, get a 50c discount voucher. Up to $5 can be used at any one time. Cash sale only for voucher use.


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